The "Low Rider" IWB (inside the waistband) holster is our featured product. 
RM Holsters
Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
We are the proud producer of one of the safest, durable and comfortable pistol holsters made for all day wear and concealment.  Its made out of Kydex 100 material. All of our holsters are made to conceal the trigger guard completely for your protection.  There are normally 2 adjustment screws for each holster to provide the user the availability to set how much retention they want.  All of our holsters and mag pouches clip over the belt rather than threading through the belt.
Email Kee@RMHolsters.com
or call 866-288-9778

Springfield Hellcat Now Available!

We custom make each holster.  Our lead time is normally 3 to 4 weeks. 
When your credit card is run it will say Port City Tarp on the receipt.

Note about lasers and lights under barrels; 

   When a laser or light is used under the barrel the holsters has to be molded wider to allow adequate material to be used for the retention screws.  This disrupts the normal flow and lines of the holster but is still very concealable and functional, but, will cost an extra $25.  

LEO and Military use code leomil
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