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Last year I bought the new S&W Shield.  I wanted a gun that was light, easy to carry and did not print. After much research I came across a gun forum thread that talked about the advantage of a light kydex holster versus leather holsters. It also mentioned RM Holsters. I looked a little further and found lots of positive reviews about their holsters. I purchased the OWB ECP and I'm glad I did! It is an excellent product, made by experienced craftsman. It's very comfortable to the point I sometimes forget I'm wearing it. The angle makes for an easy, natural draw and the kydex causes no damage to my weapon while holding it snugly. The holster position on the body is very comfortable, and reduces gun print under a shirt or jacket. I have yet to get a single stare while carrying concealed. If your thinking about buying one, do not hesitate! You will not be disappointed, I wear mine daily. Thanks RM!

Dave S.
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Just got my Low Rider for my Glock 19 yesterday. It lives up to and surpassed all expectations. I have gone through countless leather and thermoplastic holsters, but I need to look no further. This holster fits every need (comfort, concealment, and quality). Thank you for the great life saving product at the great price.


I would have written sooner, but my Low Rider arrived MUCH faster than my Glock-of-choice...a G19 with night sights. Actually I STILL don't have night sights, I settled for the regular ones with an eye on some aftermarket ones later. And while I liked the look of the holster right away, I figured I would need the GUN that goes with it for a proper review!

Anyway, one of the first things I did this morning when I picked up my shiny new Glock was to slip it in my Low Rider. "Like a glove" says it all. Alas, I had 8 hours of work ahead of me before I could actually get a chance to wear it, but it was worth the wait! Great fit in my pants, comfortable, and CONCEALABLE! Even just wearing a t-shirt and untucked dress shirt, trying to see the gun would take a fair amount of staring on someone's part. As I type this, I'm wearing my Glock with (14 rounds in the clip) while I sit Indian-style on my bed, and I can barely feel that it's there.

The G19 is my first 'major' defensive arm, and the Low Rider my first holster that wasn't mass-produced...so far I am VERY pleased with both! And with a grand total of...two days, I think - between the order and delivery, it proves that you don't always have to wait forever for quality!


Best IWB holster I've ever worn. Not even a close competitor.


I have a  RM Holsters Low Rider (Black) IWB for my G30. Now, the G30 , for me, is the hardest Glock to concealed carry comfortably, next to the the G-21. My  "Low Rider IWB" does the best job of all the holsters I have for the G30.


Thanks for the great IWB Low Rider for my 27. This is my second RM Holster from you and the more I use them the more impressed I am. Really well thought out, secure, minimal bulk, and COMFORTABLE!

Great talking to you during my order and thanks again.


I wish to thank you very much for such quick service in solving the problem I caused with my holster. I shipped my damaged holster to you on May 5th and here it is May 10th and I have a brand new holster. I don't think anyone can get better service then from RM Holster.

Ivan in Okla.

Hello Rocketman!

Well, it's been about 9 days since I received the Low Rider IWB for my Model 29. I was originally going to give the holster a two week break in/usage and the send you an email. Well, needless to say, it deserves a quicker response! I've worn the holster everyday since I got it. Gone for walks, usually an hour in length, driven the Jeep around town and just plain sat around the house and even taken a nap or two wearing it over my rear right hip area with no problem what-so-ever! I must say it pulls the gun in tight and makes it part of the body.

So, I'd like to thank you for a great IWB holster!


My new IWB holster from RM Holsters is everything it was advertised to be. It fits my Glock23 perfectly it fits my belt perfectly it's very comfortable to wear and slips into my pants and becomes part of my body. It's the right holster and the right price.

Ivan in Ok

I wore it [Low Rider] and my G30 at work last night for the 2nd time and the standard 10 hours and am still wearing it 7 hours later (for a grand total of 17 hours in comfort. I stayed up all night on the Internet doing some research for one of my hobbies (radio stuff), and since the rig was comfortable, I never took it off.

I played some intense table tennis last night. Two, 10 minute sessions and a full 30 minute session, during my "dinner" break. The G30 in the Low Rider didn't slow me down at all. My opponent was hot, but I was hotter. All wins last night and speaking of wins, the Low Rider is a BIG Winner and so is Jeff for doing such a great job in both design and craftsmanship.

Now am doing what I was afraid I would do: Neglect my Milt Sparks EX.


Got the holster on Saturday. (ordered it late Thursday) Wore it Saturday night in dress Slacks. Wore it all day Sunday in suit. Have worn it all week in Jeans, Dockers, etc. Conceals VERY well, Is very comfortable. I must say it is the best holster I have ever owned and trust me, I own a bunch. If you made one for a Kel-Tec P-11 9mm I would order it today.

I carry a Glock .45 cal. G-30 because I WANT to. It is heavy. It is big. It makes big holes.

If you are thinking of ordering one (Low Rider)...go ahead...you won't be sorry.

P.S. I HATE belts. I have been carrying in my Jeans with no belt. Works great, I'm thrilled with that.


.......is a great holster. Received it within four days of my order and promptly wore it for about sixty hours (including seven hours driving time) over the weekend and it's comfortable and concealable. I've been carrying my G27 since 1997 but had always wanted to use my G23 more and this is the first holster I've been comfortable with. I have the proverbial `box of holsters` that I'll take to the next area gun show and trade some off as I'll be using my new Low Rider for quite some time.

You're welcome to use this mail as an endorsement if you wish and thanks for a great product.


I'm most impressed. I really like the molding to the gun shape and the way it "snicks" in and out of the holster. It's top shelf, and you can tell anybody I said so...

...I'll be needing a LH paddle for my G23 (assuming the gun show prices this weekend are good), soon.

...Been meaning to mention that the G23 paddle came in Monday or Tuesday. Put it on and forgot it was there. It's GREAT! I've worn it every day and it never pinches or binds. Saturday is the first day I will be able to wear it all day, but I know it will be as good at the end of the day as it was at the beginning.


I got the holster today. One word to describe it... Damn! This thing rocks buddy. The fit and finish is superb. I love the way you molded the sweat guard. The cant is perfect. It rides low in the pants yet allows for a full firing grip.


...I've tried pretty much every type and brand of holster there is. Back in the old days Bianchi was not only the best, but in a lot of cases, the only game in town.

...in that time I have managed to accumulate way more holsters than I'd care to admit, most of which reside in one of two boxes I have filled with holsters that haven't seen the light of day, in years. All failed experiments, that were either too uncomfortable, too cumbersome or did not offer the proper amount of retention to make me feel comfortable...

Anyway, I only have a couple that see regular duty, well now I have one more.

I got the extreme cant paddle for my 26. It's very light and comfortable, and offers way more retention than is first apparent. It is so compact my first thoughts were "no way is that going to be secure enough", but it is. This is due to the adjustable tension feature.

I've only been wearing it a couple of days, but so far I like it a lot.


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